Are you creating products, bill of materials, and routings by manually entering data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central?

Do you want a smoother and faster way to create and transfer items, bill of materials and routings from product design to production?

With CadConnect, you get a solution with a single screen overview and an easy way to create production data based on product design data.

CadConnect allows you to work with product data based on your technical designs transferred from a CAD system, or you can choose to create manually, or you can choose to copy an existing product from NAV to create a new product, you can even choose to change an existing product.

With this solution you can eliminate errors and save significant time when data is created for production purposes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central.

Features and main functionalities

  • CadConnect is an effective tool for the production environment.
  • CadConnect works with data input from different sources – CAD, manual, copy of an existing product.
  • Cadconnect eliminates duplicate work and errors.
  • The solution enables transfer of design data from a CAD system, and / or manual creation and / or copying of existing products.
  • A modeling feature has been built that enables the conversion of design data into production bill of materials.
  • All work is done on one screen, showing the overall product structure and broken-down structure as the work progresses.
  • A cost price can be calculated on an ongoing basis based on defined materials and components, processes and production at different lot sizes.
  • When creating a product, new items can be created and used, or existing items in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central can be used.
  • Colour markings on lines when working – black, blue, red, green is used in the solution to facilitate transparency of product status.
  • Can be used in working with sales quotes where no data is in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central before customer quote acceptance.
  • CadConnect is certified by Microsoft (CFMD) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central.

Available for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, 2017, 2018 or Business Central.

NAVEKSA CadConnect can be implemented in few hours (plug and play). The module does not make any changes to a standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV or  Business Central solution.

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