How confident are you when answering the question “When can you deliver?” How often are you correct? And how often do you achieve it without firefighting?

With ItemPlanning, you can provide your customers with accurate answers regarding delivery time and delivery quantities.

At the same time, you get an impact overview when the unexpected happens, for example, delivery changes from your supplier; e.g. a planned purchase is postponed 14 days.

ItemPlanning gives you a full overview of your company’s stock and future delivery situation for goods, whether you are a manufacturing company with a warehouse or a trading company managing inventory.

Features and main functionalities

  • ItemPlanning is a solution for an improved overview of inventory now and forward in time.
  • Based on simple, user-friendly screens.
  • Used in sales, purchases, stock, production, etc.
  • Shows status and availability for determining delivery dates on items and composite products.
  • Direct creation of orders against item/component shortages.
  • Stock simulation in the form of “What if” and impact analysis.
  • Can be used in a Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central multi-location environment across supply chains.
  • ItemPlanning is certified by Microsoft (CFMD) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central.

NAVEKSA products have been developed for a variety of versions of both Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft 365 Business Central. And also for on premise and cloud. Contact us for further information.

NAVEKSA ItemPlanning can be implemented in few hours (plug and play). The module does not make any changes to your standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central solution.


NAVEKSA ItemPlanning is in use in a number of trade, logistics and production companies representing different industries.

The benefits for these companies are primarily the opportunity to have a complete overview of the company’s inventory – and to be able to give accurate answers to the customers with accurate answers regarding delivery time and delivery quantities.

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