How often do you get the questions “when are you able to deliver this order?” or “what are the consequences of a change to the order size?”

ItemPlanning (ITP) helps you provide your customers with precise information about delivery dates, and offers you an overview of the impact on your total bill of material (BOM), in the event of changes to the order date and size.

With ItemPlanning you will have full inventory overview. You will be able to make simulation and forecasts, and see the direct impact on your sales orders. All in a single screen cockpit.

Features and main functionalities

  • Single screen cockpit with real-time information
  • Bill of material examination – identify component shortages for your production orders
  • Inventory simulation and dynamic result display
  • Accessibility to departments (Sales, Inventory, etc.) via one screen
  • Shortage control with assembly bill of materials
  • Overview of procurement costs
  • Paperless production functionality.
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Available in the English, Danish, Dutch and German languages
  • Can also be used in a multi-location environment
  • Certified by Microsoft (CFMD) for MS Dynamics NAV

Compatible with version 2.6 to 2017 of MS Dynamics NAV

ItemPlanning can be implemented in few hours (plug and play). The module does not make any changes to your standard MS Dynamics NAV solution.

See some of the functionalities explained on our e-learning portal

Using NAVEKSA in manufacturing and supply chain

Using NAVEKSA in a trading company

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