Manage changes and reschedule your production orders with NAVEKSA Make-To-Order – with a flexibility for your manufacturing planning that you have not had before.

Flexible Planning and Rescheduling for Increased Competitiveness

With NAVEKSA Make-To-Order, you can easily manage and operate your “make to order” and “engineering to order” production. You
can decrease your planning-, inventory- and total production costs due to the flexibility in bill of materials and activity

You can use NAVEKSA Make-To-Order to shift project production order dates in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The NAVEKSA Make-To-Order solution is a non-complicated and intuitive tool for the re-planning and date shifting  in a (multi-line) production order.

Features and main functionalities

  • You can now reschedule work in progress, where orders already have been started.
  • You can easily optimize by choosing forward, backwards or bottleneck scheduling
  • With NAVEKSA Make-To-Order you show process transparency due to correct planning dates on all your orders

Available for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, 2017, 2018 or Business Central.

NAVEKSA Make-To-Order  can be implemented in few hours (plug and play). The module does not make any changes to your standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central solution.

You will be able to get going in very short time using our setup assistant.

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