ShopFloor is a solution for production planners and operators in production companies

Do you want to be able to keep track of queue status and capacity load to be able to determine the optimal run sequence, and not least communicate changes electronically to operators.

Do you want a complete overview of your production orders and their progress? On machines, machine groups or factory total?

Do you need your operators to have an updated overview of their work tasks and to see forward workload ?

The planners screen provides a complete overview of production orders, their status and progress.
The operators screen provides a prioritized overview of active and pending orders.
From the terminal, the operator can start and finish orders with all instructions and documentation electronically at hand.
With ShopFloor, you can introduce electronic communications between departments, collect job data, report quality activities, perform time & attendance, perform tracking etc.

Features and main functionalities

  • ShopFloor is a solution that ensures the most optimal execution of a production schedule.
  • Effective planning and overview of workshop activities.
  • The planner controls the execution sequence and prioritization, taking into account materials and capacity availability.
  • Efficient operator execution using a touch screen workshop terminal.
  • Possibility of barcode scanning – all involved operator transactions in the form of employee, machines and transactions so that manual screen operation is avoided.
  • The operator always has an answer to the question: What should I do now and what do I have to complete today?
  • Drawings, notes, remarks, bill of materials, routes, etc. are available in electronic form.
  • Effective collection of job time data for calculation purposes.
  • Supports modern production – combined order execution, multi-machine operation, etc.
  • Supports production with traceability requirements and collection of quality data.
  • Can be integrated with NAVEKSA time and attendance solution.
  • ShopFLoor is certified by Microsoft (CFMD) for MS Dynamics NAV.

NAVEKSA products have been developed for a variety of versions of both Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft 365 Business Central. And also for on premise and cloud. Contact us for further information.

NAVEKSA ShopFloor can be implemented in few hours (plug and play). The module does not make any changes to your standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central solution.

Enhancement modules

  • Module for Q&A inspection, reporting and management
  • Batch, serial/Lot number allocation
  • Variable MAT issues – shortage check
  • Time and attendance registration


NAVEKSA ShopFloor is used in a number of production companies representing various industries.
The benefit to these companies is primarily effective planning and complete overview of orders and their process on user-friendly screens – for both planners and production operators.
Other advantages include the possibility of quality reporting, variable MAT issues, time registration and allocation of batch, serial / lot number.
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Quality Assurance 
Batch Serial Lot
Time & Attendance
Variable Material Issuing

ShopFloor is easy to use for production operators

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