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ItemPlanning is the solution which provides sales, inventory, purchasing and production planners with a full and accurate overview of inventory and expected future inventory.

“What-if” scenario visually displayed when the unexpected happens, as well as accurate calculation of your shortage situation.

It also provides direct order creation for anticipated shortages on items, bill of materials, assembly products and production orders.

The solution is suitable for use in both trading and manufacturing companies.

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Planning and paperless manufacturing execution

ShopFloor is the solution which offers easy and efficient production planning of the workload within your workshop, and provides real-time monitoring based on the operator’s start and stop transactions.

All the information and functionality is available on simplified screens for both planners and operators, facilitating sequence management, queue control, quality reporting, job time registration, and time & attendance and traceability management.

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Manufacturing data creation In Dynamics NAV

CadConnect is the solution to process product design data to production data.

The solution enables the production engineer to create bills of materials and process information based on data from a CAD system, manually create, and/or copy changes to an existing product to create a new variant.

Functionality in the solution such as modeling, cost pricing and automatic data creation in Dynamics NAV mean significant time savings and reduction of errors when creating data suited for production purposes.

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A NAVEKSA solution can help improve your everyday working life.

  • We offer manufacturing management tools required to compliment and bolster your standard NAV.
  • We have expanded NAV logistics and manufacturing with modern and efficient production company functionality.
  • Our solutions work as an integral part of standard NAV.
  • Our solutions do not change as much as a single comma in the standard NAV program code.
  • Our solutions are tailored to your use by answering a series of simple questions during set up.
  • All our solutions are easy to install and can be used immediately.
  • Our solutions can be used for the NAV versions 2013 and later.
  • Our solutions are ready for Microsoft 365 Business Central.
  • Our solutions are all Microsoft certified.
  • Our solutions are robust building blocks for working with manufacturing digitisation.
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Saving potential – one of the advantages of our solutions

Your indirect manufacturing costs?

  • Non-value add indirect product costs can be a major part of the total unit cost. The 35% is not chosen at random. What is your figure?

A NAVEKSA solution deals with this matter

  • Using one or more of our solutions can cut down these indirect manufacturing costs, and make your company more lean and competitive.

What does a NAVEKSA solution cost?

  • Our solutions can be purchased or leased. Pricing is based on the number of active users.
  • Lowest price for CadConnect is  €3000, ItemPlanning €2000, and ShopFloor is €9000.
  • On top of this 16% mandatory yearly maintenance fee has to be added.

NAVEKSA solutions for Dynamics NAV are certified by Microsoft

This means our solutions are approved by Microsoft and meet Microsoft’s highest standards for partner-developed software solutions.

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